So we all seem to remember when I posted pictures of my room clean for the first time.

But did we think it would last? I’m not sure.

Staying clean isn’t the easiest thing. But here it is, my room. I also reorganized it into “spaces”.

Here is obviously my “Sleeping Space” aka my bed pushed against the corner. I was worried about the corner space because pushing a bed against a wall causes problems when I make my bed. But it hasn’t been very difficult yet. Plus it gives my room a TON of room!

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This is my “Getting Ready/Clothes Space”. The best part is having a mirror right next to my dresser again.

My “Work Space” is my new favorite. I pulled my desk out of the garage and am using the chair I had at school to set up my desk space. My desk looks a little cluttery thanks to my new cd/dvd rom drive (my laptop’s drive broke :/) but I will probably keep that where the keyboard space is on my desk. I LOVE having my books next to my desk.
1. My laundry basket is on the opposite side of the room as my dresser. Because of this, not ALL my clothes make it to the bin all the time. It usually does though. I hated having it right by my door though and there isn’t a nice place to have it for people walking into my room. I can probably solve it by getting a cuter laundry basket OR, of course, making room in my closet (ha!)
2. My bookshelf stops my bedroom light from reaching my desk. But I solved that by getting my other light/lamppost and placing it by my desk.

Not a space, but still a picture šŸ™‚
My mom thought having my nightstand away from my bed would look dumb but alas, it looks just fine! The problem with it, however, is that it is an EASY clutter space. And my mom uses it as so and has already put some stuff on that nightstand. However it does have drawers and I can sort things into the correct drawers quickly as compared to a dresser top, where I wouldn’t be able to do that.

“Three Rules of Work: Out of clutter find simplicity; From discord find harmony; In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.” – Albert Einstein