I’m never sure how to start a blog.

This is even worse after I have been away from a blog for over two weeks.

At first I was in the safe. I went on a road trip to Oregon and Washington so I was excused for a week and a half of that. But I didn’t quickly come back on. Since then it has been shame keeping me away.

But I was reminded of the importance of this when a friend came over today who had yet to see my clean room. He was slightly in awe. So back to the blog I go.

For a week and a half of my absence, I have been on a roadtrip with my best friend. Her niece had a wedding in Oregon so we drove from San Diego up there. It was an insane amount of driving. We ended up each spending about $300 on gas total by the end of it.

Some of what the trip taught me was that I overpack. I worry and assume the worst so I pack. I could have sworn that Oregon and Washington were known for their rain, so rain jacket and rain boots I packed. Needed? None of it. It sprinkled twice and both times we were in the car. Also the timeshare we stayed in for part of it had a washer and dryer but I was too self-conscious to use it so had packed more than enough clothes for the 10 day trip.

As I unpacked at home this last Tuesday, I thought about it. If I had less, I wouldn’t have as big of a problem. Perhaps I would still pack rain things for Washington because that just makes logical sense… but it would make packing so much easier. Despite getting rid of so much of my wardrobe, it never ends. The clothes never stop pouring out.

What made me most aware of all of this has been following “FirstWorldPains” on twitter. While hilarious and true, the twitter page REALLY convicts me!

“Dang it, bird crapped on my car. #firstworldpains”

“Whenever I open a box of frozen food, I throw it in the trash. Then I have to retrieve it to read the cooking time. #firstworldpains”

“We have too much food in our freezer so when we open it stuff falls out. #firstworldpains”

It convicts me because it’s true. Look at what we have here – a car, food that is instantly warmed up for us at the touch of a couple of buttons, and TOO MUCH food.

We have so much. We have more than we will ever need. But we still find room to complain. Constantly. We have a problem with having too much, in the sense of it bothering us. All the while there are so many with nothing, at all.

I have so much more to share. About selling all that you have and giving to the poor. Things I have learned. But this blog is a good starter for where I want to go this week. Hopefully I will continue to let you guys know. And upload some pictures of my room this week (if my camera revives itself!). I’m just all over the place!

Help me out here. Tell me what I can write about in all of this mess. I know this blog is ALL over the place and there was no focus, just me excited about writing this week. What do you want to hear about most?