Hello friends!

I am sorry that I have not written as much as I would like. I have not been home a lot this last week but here are some updates on me or random tips…

In my attempt to get rid of things, I have had to pull things stored away into my room and go through them. It has caused a huge mess but I keep reminding myself that I just need to get through it.

It makes a big difference to make your bed every day. It’s a small task that you can handle no matter what and makes your room look loads cleaner.

I have found myself becoming sad and curling into my bed for rest when really I should be up and doing something productive. Being productive, no matter how much you don’t think it will, helps a lot more than feeling sorry for yourself.

Find ways to be creative! Sometimes you will have to sit around reading blogs or magazines for a couple hours but it is worth it! For example, I now want to cover one of my super-ugly corkboards with fabric (my mom has a TON) and hang it on my wall! It’ll look awesome and retro while also being useful! Yay!

Unpacking is SO important to just get over with. Just buckle up and dig through it. It never takes as long as you think it will.

Get out of the house. Every day. Even if only for 5 minutes.

Mostly, I just want to encourage you to enjoy your summer. Go out and do things. Don’t be lazy in your house. This is the only Summer 2011 you will ever have. Make it worthwhile.

” But I have learned that minimalism is always a matter of the heart. After the external clutter has been removed, minimalism has the space to address the deepest heart issues that impact our relationships and life.” – Joshua Becker