So my idea for Thursday is a picture of something I let go and the story behind it.

This won’t be only Thursdays… I’m going to find another day as well.

At first, I was going to make it Thursday book day. As I got rid of books, my heart swelled with heavy good-byes. But now, as I look through my pictures of books… I realize they didn’t mean as much to me as I thought. Which is crazy. But I have other items that were are harder to get rid of. SOME of which are books… but for the most part, I’m alright.

This here is my adorable cat poster. I got it for a confirmation present when I was 15. I begged my mom for it at that Christian bookstore that used to be in the Food4Less plaza in Vista.

I loved that store so much. It closed down around the time I became a Christian, as opposed to Catholic, which was a bummer. Although I didn’t understand anything about God… I was really into being Catholic. The verse did not bring me a lot of peace though until years later when I understood what it meant to rest in Jesus.

I have always loved cats. And this has a Bible verse! And this cat is so adorable! But… not only was it bent and falling apart… it was just childish. I don’t want or need a poster in my room anymore. Especially on the back of my door.

So good-bye, sweet kitty. Sometimes I looked up at this poster while sitting on my bed, stressed, and it was just perfect timing. I’d take a deep breath and acknowledge God as my Comforter. But I doubt I’ll ever look at my door and NOT see this cat poster, even if it is no longer there.

Man. I am overly sentimental.