Part of my weird problem.

Clothing. That is such a huge part of the “De-Cluttering” project.

I keep going through and throwing out clothes. I do hold onto clothes that getting rid of make me feel guilty because my mom spent too much money on it. Or I never wore it. Or things like that. And that is a normal response to clothes. I see those reasons on all the decluttering blogs. I also have a lot of “I’ll look good in it when I lose weight” clothes, which I throw out as well. Truth is, I may not lose weight. And I probably still wouldn’t wear this if I did.

But here are some of my stranger reasons that are more uncommon.

– 3 blazers because “I may get a business type job” soon. And instead of using the income from that job to buy nice ones. Also many pairs of pants because of it. Truth is, I probably will not have one of these anytime soon. But still. Hard to give up because I *do* want to do that later. Plus I need (at least) one for school.

– Things I wanted to wear for Halloween in years past and forgot. That I would not wear next Halloween either. Uhm. Hello. Goodbye. You have so got to go.

– What if my friend needs to borrow a jacket? The funny thing is, I don’t even like these jackets. I seriously keep them as spares. But… I have plenty of jackets even without the ones I don’t like that I could lend still. So good-bye.

But here is my FAVORITE.

– What if I get a boyfriend? Despite the fact that I know God wants me to be single for a long while, I want “date” clothes. When I finally acknowledged that this was the real reason I was hanging on to a ton of dresses/”fun” blouses I never wore, I was able to let them go. The worst part is that most of them are clothes I wore when I dated in high school. Yeah. Let’s wear a dress that I bought to impress my 16-year old boyfriend back in the day… to my far in the  future date with a mature man of God. Uhhh. No. That is just silly. Really, really silly.

So the progress continues….