Sometimes, I do not fulfill my goals.

Ok that isn’t completely accurate. I close to NEVER fulfill my goals. Think New Years Eve, we’re feeling so wishful and excited about our New Years resolutions… but it just doesn’t last. It never does.

The other night I began to think about how I was recently challenged to read something every day for a week, which I found easy peasy. One week? No problem! I can do one week. In fact, I will enjoy doing one week.

So it hits me. Why don’t I just make all my goals short-term?

I can’t seem to be able to think:

I wanna lose 10lbs in the next two months or I just gotta get a 3.3 this semester or I gotta clean my WHOLE room.

If I do this, I will fail 95% of the time.

This begs the question – Then why have you been setting long-term goals for yourself this whole time?

And the answer? Because I didn’t realize that I can accomplish short-term goals. I thought I was just goal challenged. But that is not the case! It brings me joy.

For example: Thinking to myself “I want to lose 2lbs this week” brings me hope and motivation. Some of my clutter goals have been to “purge books” or “purge dresser”… the smaller I break things down, the better. I don’t know about you, but I often do not rise up to a big challenge. I usually feel hopeless and give up. But small challenges I do not mind tackling (usually).

It is ok to have short-term goals- so long as they will lead you to long-term ones. Or are useful in general actually.

For one, the Bible stresses not to worry about tomorrow [Matt 6:24, right?]. Plus, my whole “desiring to fight only today’s battles” does not focus and dwell in the future, where I have a perfectly clean room, but focuses on now! In fact, it is impossible for that future to ever exist if I do not instead focus on today!

I’m not saying “Do not plan for the future” but don’t LIVE in the future.

Other ideas are no longer to “Declutter entire house” but have my small, more itemized to-do list. Oh, it is beautiful! I feel so much joy in this self-realization!

“Our anxiety does not empty tomorrow of its sorrows, but only empties today of its strengths.” – Charles Spurgeon

Are you a long-term goal setter or a short-term goal kinda person? Or what resources do you use for goals?

One of my favorite websites recently has been He writes the blog “Stuff Christians Like” (HILARIOUS if you have grown up in church) and it has become very successful. So he has this other blog about business, goals and doing your dream job. Which is super rad. Also “The Happiness Project” blog has been super helpful and gave me most of the decluttering websites I use.