“Let Go and Let God” doesn’t just apply to emotional situations.

I mean, sure, that’s probably what it was first written about. And what it is used for 99% of the time. But I want to change things up! I want to let go of my material possessions (Jesus was really big on that, right?) but I have a difficult time letting go of sentimental items.

But I have been determined on decluttering my life.
Then I stumbled upon “Becoming Minimalist“, a blog by Joshua Becker. And this quotation.

Write about the things you love, instead of holding onto them. Start a family blog or keep a personal journal.

Boom! It hits me! Why don’t I just WRITE about it? I LOVE to write. Words and pictures can preserve the memories for me a lot better than the actual items. I outta use my passion to make me happier and to better myself.

Perhaps you wonder, Jaymie, why are you getting rid of stuff? As long as the stuff isn’t controlling you, there’s no reason to let go. Right? Wrong! I have a problem with dwelling in the past. With making the past my present. And here is another quote by Joshua Becker that hit me over the head and made me realize what that meant, clutter-wise.

clutter keeps you tied to the past.  your thoughts tend to dwell in the past as the things around you force your mind to reminisce.  your solutions tend to be rooted in the past as the things around you conjure up the same thought-processes.  your mind is tied to the past because there is no available space for anything new in your life.  minimalizing your workspace (and life) forces you to recognize the problems of today and solve them with solutions for tomorrow.  some might say – you have to release the past to create a better tomorrow.

So this is a blog for that project of my life. I was going to use my normal blog but really like the focus of that blog to be life lessons God is teaching me, whereas this is a personal goal set thing. God is teaching me in this, but perhaps I can end up summarizing things better later in that blog.

I hope to update this blog 5 times a week. To find some time of each day to somehow let go of something in my life (this can be emotional, physical, etc etc ETC) or at least share some kind quote or wisdom in relation to this. So this shall serve hopefully as something to keep me accountable.


Let this be an inspiration to you as well. Maybe you need to declutter your room. Or your mind. Or anything that is keeping the simplicity from God being a part of your life.